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Recover Your Deleted Files In Ubuntu

Have you accidentally deleted an important file because you are in a habit of using “Shift+Del” rather than delete only?? Well don’t panic. There are many utilities in Ubuntu and other Linux distributions which helps you in recovering the so called “permanently deleted” files. Lets look at a few good tools that help your recover deleted data in Ubuntu.

Before checking out the tools allow me to bore you with the theory behind deleting a file.

Actually when you delete a file permanently (accidentally or intentionally), It doesn’t get removed from your hard disk. It get stored in certain blocks of the storage device and they continue to exist in the blocks unless you overwrite them with newer files.

It is always recommended that you shouldn’t recover a file from the device when it is mounted. You should always do the recovery process with the Live CD followed by the file searching in the device like in my case device is /dev/sda1 . If you are unable to understand the upper condition, just forget about it. I am not going to bore you with the theory part anymore. Let’s take a look at the utilities: Read more…